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About M.O.P

Welcome to M.O.P. – Surgical Weight Reduction Centre

Surgical Banding and Balloon for Instant Relief…
Get relived from stigma of being obese, choose anyone of these – Laproscopic Banding or Intragastric Balloon and take a step towards an active lifestyle.

M.O.P. is the Country’s best multi specialty clinic for curing Obesity and Overweightedness. It provides weight reduction programs and treatment under the supervision of experienced dietician and surgeons. Here we only offer medicine and surgical treatments based on globally approved drugs and procedural methods. M.O.P. aims to help patients suffering from Overweight and Obesity to get rid of it and improve their overall health. This also includes minimizing the risk of diseases directly linked to Obesity such as Cardiac issues, diabetes, insomnia etc.

Features of treatments offered at M.O.P.

  • Supervised by trained professionals
  • No side effects of any treatment
  • Lesser Appetite and hunger streak
  • Highly effective for High BMI’s
  • No dietary constraints
  • 100% successful results
  • Highly Satisfactory effects
  • Completely safe and secure

M.O.P stands for Myovatec Obesity Program which includes two phases

It starts with complete medical check up to assess the present situation and seriousness of the problem. It is followed by blood test which is done to check the physical soundness of the body organ system. Based on the results of these tests, the team of doctors decide which treatment to approach for better results which can offer safe weight reduction procedure. It could be anything which involves low risk. It may include the insertion of Balloon in stomach called Intragastric Balloon or banding the opening of gastric pouch or Laparoscopic Banding.

Things needed to be considered

Check Your BMI Calculation

Results of Blood and Urine Test

Analysis of Body composition

Regular Diet Assessment

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

  • Assessment of the medical condition based upon medical investigations
  • Selection of a appropriate procedure such as intra gastric balloon or long term gasteric banding
  • Individualized dietary advice by the dietician
  • Recommendations of Exercise regime
  • Nutritional Supplements for sustainable weight loss program
Aesthetic Treatment

Aesthetic Treatment

After satisfactory weight loss, subsequent option of undergoing aesthetic treatment program is available. Plastic/ Aesthetic surgeons can perform Procedures like:

  • Lipocontouring
  • Lipolysis
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Lipoplasty
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Facelift
  • Breast Upliftment
  • Contrage