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Myovatec Obesity Program (M.O.P) If you are overweight and other weight loss
treatments haven't worked, the M.O.P Obesity
Management System may be for you.

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  • Overweight and obesity

    Welcome to M.O.P

    Welcome to M.O.P. – Surgical Weight Reduction Centre
    M.O.P. is the Country’s best multi speciality clinic for curing Obesity and Overweightedness. It provides weight reduction programs and treatment under the supervision of experienced dietician and surgeons. Here we only offer medicine and surgical treatments based on globally approved drugs and procedural methods. M.O.P. aims to help patients suffering from Overweight and Obesity to get rid of it and improve their overall health. This also includes minimizing the risk of diseases directly linked to Obesity such as Cardiac

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    Laparoscopic Banding or Intragastric Balloon

    Choose One, to change your life. Free yourself from the physical and emotional pains of being Obese. Start your success story to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

    Overweight and obesity treatment India
    Laparoscopic Banding
    Weight loss programs in Noida
    Intragastric Balloon

    M.O.P Advantages


    Being a businessman and a father of 2, regular work outs and gymming was not at all feasible for him. Rajesh wanted to shed his extra pounds desperately. He enrolled for M.O.P. which changed his life for ever after. He started feeling young again and got compliments from all his friends for his new look.

    Program :M.O.P - Surgical
    Result :30Kg weight loss

    Posted by
    Mr. Rajesh Takkar

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    Patient Awareness Program4th February 2013

    Patient Awareness Programs are regularly held at all M.O.P centres, giving counselling on all the weight loss procedures under M.O.P. We...read more »